Judgement Scorer App

Judgement Scorer App

Tired of finding a pen and paper every time you start to play the Indian card game Judgement (KaChuFuL)? Let this simple app solve that problem!

  • You can get started quickly. Select number of players, decide the scoring strategy, add player names - that's it!
  • The app maintains the scores, easily mark if a player's judgement was correct or not. Very easy to use. No need to calculate who the winner is, this app will tell you!
  • If you are still confused, the help section will show you the way. Help section also explains the rules of the card game.
About the card game:

Judgement (Kachuful) is a variation of the game originally known as "Oh Hell!" in some English speaking countries. This app is a score pad for the Indian Kachuful version.

This app currently only lets you easily keep scores for a Judgement game being played. A multi-player version against the computer, or with friends online is planned in the future.

NOTE - This is not the game, only a scorepad for the a card game being played

Get the app here:

Don't want to download an app?No worries - play it directly on your browser here: http://judgement.jatinst.com.

Note that the browser app is optimized for mobile browsers, so might not work best on a computer browser!