Judgement App Help

Judgement (KachuFul) is a variation of the game originally known as "Oh Hell!" in some English speaking countries. This app
is a score pad for the Indian Kachuful version.

The app currently only lets you easily keep scores for a Judgement game being played. A multi-player version against
AI is planned in the future.


The object of Judgement is for each player to bid the number of rounds(tricks) he thinks he can take from each hand, then
to take exactly that many; no more and no fewer. Points are awarded only for making the bid exactly, and are deducted
for missing the bid, either over or under.

In the Indian (Gujurati) game Kachuful, the sequence of trump suits is spades, diamonds, clubs, hearts. The
name of the game, which literally means 'raw flower', is also a mnemonic for this sequence:

  • Ka = Kari = Spades ♠

  • Chu = Chukat = Diamonds ♦

  • Fu = Falli = Clubs ♣

  • L = Lal = Hearts ♥

How To Play

App Setup

  1. 1. Enter the number of players. Player names are entered in the next screen.

  2. 2. Choose a scoring strategy

    • Prepend 1

      In this strategy, if the player gives a judgement of X, and their judgement is correct - their
      score is 10 + X for that hand.

    • Append 0

      In this strategy, if the player gives a judgement of X, and their judgement is correct - their
      score is X * 10 for that hand. Note: a judgement of 0 also gets 10 points if the judgement is correct.

After the initial setup, The app will tell you how many cards to deal for each round. You can the enter the judgements (bids)
for each player. Once the hand is played, you can mark if the judgement was correct, and the app will provide the
scores based on the chosen scoring strategy.

If you have not played the card game before, or its been a while, check out the "Card Game Instructions" below for rules.

Enjoy the game!

Card Game Instructions


To determine the first dealer, draw cards. The player with the highest card deals first. The turn to deal rotates clockwise
with each hand. The cards are shuffled and cut and the dealer deals the cards singly until everyone has the appropriate
number of cards (Shown in the app as Num. of Cards) for the hand being played.

Bidding - Give your Judgement

The bidding in each hand begins with the player to the left of the dealer, then continues clockwise, back around to the dealer,
who bids last.

Each bid is a number representing the number of rounds(tricks) that player will try to take. Everyone must bid
- it is not possible to pass, but you can bid zero, in which case your object is to take no rounds(tricks) at all.
A bid may be changed only if the next player to the left has not yet bid. Input the bid in the Judgement column in the app.

Remember the hook: the dealer may not bid the number that would cause the total number of tricks bid to equal
the number of tricks available; a hand will always be "over-bid" or "under-bid". This hook may not apply in the variation
where players give their bids at the same time instead of turn by turn.
After all the player judgements have been input in the app, press Submit


The play begins with the player to the dealer's left, who leads the first card. The lead may be any suit (including trump).
Play follows clockwise. Each player must follow the suit led, if he can. If not, he may play any other card in his
hand, including trump. The player who has played the highest trump card, or if no trump was played, the highest card
of the suit led, wins the round(trick). That player then leads to the next round(trick). Continue until all rounds(tricks)
have been played and won.

If the number of rounds matches the players judgement, mark it as correct in the app. The app will show the current scores, and you can continue to the next rounds of bidding based on the number of cards shown by the app

Instructions based on instructions found at https://www.pagat.com/exact/ohhell.html