Are we there yet?

This blog seems to have become a journal of what I did everyday. Guess that is what people do when their wife is not in town (ok, fine - everyone else has a life, nobody writes blog posts).

Anyway, after the website launch yesterday and that "tiny" blog post, I did end up working through a lot of the tiny things you are supposed to do before publishing an App on the Android Play store. Apparently an app needs an icon, cue bad Photoshop skills to the rescue. Also, it needs a "feature image", cue more bad Photoshop skills. Thankfully I did not need to set up a merchant account etc because the App is ad free at this point. I did fix a tiny bug with the app which I saw when I was taking screenshots, so that's progress!

Now, The Play store says my App is "Pending Publication" (Update, it's live: Android Play store ), but this is all I feel at this point...