We are a dynamic and diverse team comprised of technically savvy engineers, chemists, elastomer experts and business professionals with a genuine desire to serve.

Our diversity and curiosity inspire the innovative spirit that runs through everything we do—from streamlining a workflow to revolutionizing a rubber formulation. That same curiosity fuels every question, action, and strategic decision.

Since our inception in 1948, we’ve attracted leaders from some of largest rubber companies in the world, including Dow Corning, LANXESS, Bayer, LORD, Rhein Chemie, TSE, 3M and Zeon; leading fabricators like Parker MSD, Esterline/Kirkhill-TA, Bryant Rubber, and Minnesota Rubber; as well as managers and directors from prominent healthcare providers like St. Joseph Health System and retail giants like The Home Depot.

But it’s what we do together that truly sets us apart. To reach your local account representative or to see if there’s a spot available for you, contact us today.


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