NovationSi, headquartered in Barberton, Ohio, is the manufacturing subsidiary of RDAbbott—where applied curiosities become a reality.

NovationSi specializes in:

  • Custom liquid silicone rubber (LSR) compounds
  • Modifiers, additives, and colors for silicone; and
  • Highly specialized elastomer products

NovationSi’ elastomer technologists, compounders, and pigment specialists work closely with the RDAbbott’s materials scientists and application engineers to create fully customized elastomer solutions.

Featured NovationSi advancements include LSR compounds and third-stream additives for modifying functional and mechanical properties during the liquid injection molding process, such as:

  • Anti-friction modifiers for reducing dynamic friction,
  • Surface modifiers for dissipating static discharge and improving hydrophilic behavior,
  • Antimicrobial modifiers for reducing and inhibiting microbial growth, and
  • Electrically conductive modifiers that enhance the electrical properties of silicone rubber.

While curiosity brings these new ideas to life, it’s the teams’ know-how from decades of experience that produce superior, innovative products. To learn more, visit NovationSi.com.


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