A wide range of physical properties and chemical analysis can be tested using our in-house rheometers, tensometer, disperGRADER™, and integrated lab management system from Alpha Technologies, including:

Physical Properties

  • Curing behavior studies
  • Dynamic viscosity under shear and heat conditions
  • Rubber process simulation for processability studies
  • Hardness
  • Tensile (stress-strain)
  • Tear strength
  • Die shrink
  • Bond strength (lab and pull)
  • Density (< & > 1.00 Sp.G.)
  • Ageing (in air)
  • Ageing (in fluids)
  • Dispersion (squash molding)
  • Immersion (in test fluids)
  • Compression set
  • Resilience
  • Adhesion testing (ASTM D429 method B; 90° and 45° angle)

Chemical Analysis

  • Microscopy with digital field analyses
  • Dried Film Thickness (DFT)
  • Volatile matter (weight loss)
  • Total solids (weight loss)


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